TikTok’s Data Migration to Ireland: A Move to Rebuild Trust

In a bid to regain trust and alleviate concerns regarding Chinese ownership, popular social media platform TikTok has embarked on a significant data migration journey. As of now, the company has initiated the process of hosting the data of its European users in Ireland.

TikTok’s Data Relocation Strategy

TikTok, a subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, recently confirmed that its first data center in Dublin, Ireland, is fully operational, with the migration of European user data to this center already underway.

Additionally, TikTok is in the process of constructing two more data centers in Norway and Ireland. This comprehensive project, named “Clover” and initially announced in March, represents a substantial annual investment of €1.2 billion for TikTok.

As part of its commitment to data security, TikTok has partnered with the British cybersecurity firm NCC Group. NCC Group will conduct an independent audit of data protection measures, monitor data flows, and promptly report any security incidents.

Data Protection Measures

To ensure that employees of ByteDance in China do not access the “protected data” of European users, TikTok has implemented measures similar to those applied to the platform in the United States. These safeguards aim to prevent access to sensitive information such as real names, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, and other personal data under European regulations.

However, certain aggregated, public, or interoperable data will continue to circulate and be hosted outside of Europe.

Transparency and Ongoing Efforts

TikTok has not disclosed the percentage of data already transferred from its existing data centers in the United States and Singapore. Nevertheless, the company is committed to this data localization effort, which was first proposed in August 2020 but did not materialize at the time.

French Minister for Digital Affairs, Jean-Noël Barrot, commented on these developments, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and efforts to ensure data security.

Global User Base and Past Challenges

TikTok boasts 150 million users in the United States and 134 million in the European Economic Area. The company asserts complete legal separation from its Chinese entities and vehemently denies sharing user data with Chinese authorities.

Despite these claims, ByteDance acknowledged in December 2022 that some employees had accessed data belonging to two American journalists during an internal investigation into data leaks. Consequently, countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, and the European Commission banned the TikTok app on government employees’ phones.

A Changing Landscape

In response to growing scrutiny, TikTok has introduced several measures in France, including tools for researchers and regulators, a non-personalized news feed, the cessation of personalized ads for minors, and an option to report content. Additionally, TikTok France appointed an American, Adam Presser, as its new leader, replacing the previous Sino-Canadian president, Zhao Tian.

In conclusion, TikTok’s move to host European user data in Ireland reflects a commitment to data security and transparency, addressing concerns raised by governments and users alike. As this migration progresses, it marks a significant step toward rebuilding trust in the platform’s global operations.

Reimagining Digital Marketplaces: EU Sets New Rules for Tech Giants

The European Commission has designated services from six major tech companies as “gatekeepers” of online messaging and video sharing.

This includes social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows, a search engine (Google), web browsers like Chrome and Safari, belonging to US firms Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft and Chinese company ByteDance.

The list also names six intermediation services – Google Maps, Google Play, Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace, App Store and Meta Marketplace. YouTube for video sharing and the ad services of Google, Amazon and Meta are included too.

Why This Matters

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to profoundly change the business models of tech giants, who stand accused of edging out competition by abusing their dominant position.

It imposes a range of obligations and prohibitions that must be adhered to or face hefty fines of up to 10% of their global turnover, 20% for repeat offenses. This avoids lengthy legal procedures.

The European Commission will hold the power of oversight and sanctions. Commissioner Thierry Breton, who spearheaded the legislation with Margrethe Vestager, stresses they “will not hesitate to take strong action”.

Their goal is to intervene before harmful behavior destroys competition, leading to quasi-monopolies like Google in search.

Immediate Impact

Some rules apply right away. Platforms must inform the Commission of any acquisition, no matter the size. Google can’t favor its own services in search results. Amazon can’t use seller data to then compete against them. Apple must allow other app stores on iPhones and iPads besides their App Store.

Given the massive interests involved, a new battleground between the EU and Big Tech has emerged, with complex legal fights ahead. The gatekeeper list will be regularly reviewed as markets evolve. Microsoft’s Edge browser, Bing search engine and Microsoft Advertising are under further review for possible later inclusion. So are Apple’s iMessage and iPadOS.

Microsoft welcomed the decision to currently exempt its three services meeting gatekeeper criteria. A spokesperson said, “We appreciate the Commission’s decision to open a market investigation into our request for an exemption for Bing, Edge and Microsoft Ads – which operate as challengers in the market.”

What Happens Next?

Over the coming months, further obligations take effect. Gatekeepers must allow users to easily unsubscribe from core platform services. They’re banned from ranking their own products above competitors’ on platforms. Messaging services need to open up and interoperate with smaller rivals. Rules also cover data portability and access.

Fines for non-compliance start at 1% of annual turnover, 5% for repeat breaches. National regulators help enforce rules. Germany’s Federal Cartel Office welcomed the DMA coming into force, having played a key role in the legislative process.

Competitors like Spotify have already filed complaints under the new rules, claiming Apple still unfairly restricts rivals on its devices. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney said the DMA was a critical step towards “ending platform abuse”.

This landmark legislation demonstrates the EU’s commitment to curbing the dominance of Big Tech and reshaping digital markets. While tech giants will resist elements affecting their business models, regulators possess extensive oversight powers to force change. The coming legal challenges will define how far these rules can reach in practice.

Key Takeaways

  • New EU Digital Markets Act targets 6 major tech companies
  • Aims to curb anti-competitive behavior and monopolistic dominance
  • 22 core platform services designated as ‘gatekeepers’ with immediate obligations
  • Fines up to 10% of global turnover for breaching rules
  • Rules will profoundly impact tech giants’ business models
  • Oversight powers given to EU regulators to enforce change
  • Legal challenges ahead as tech firms resist new constraints

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Markets Act?

The DMA is landmark EU legislation designed to regulate major technology companies and create fairer digital marketplaces by curbing anti-competitive practices.

When does the DMA take effect?

The legislation entered into force on November 1, 2022. Some obligations apply immediately, with further rules phased in over the next few months.

Which companies are affected?

The rules target 6 firms – Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft and TikTok’s ByteDance. 22 of their core services are designated as gatekeepers.

How will tech giants be impacted?

They face constraints on using data, self-preferencing, pre-installing own apps, and allowing interoperability. Fines for non-compliance start at 1% of global annual turnover.

Who will enforce the new rules?

The European Commission has central oversight powers, with cooperation from national regulators. Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is playing a lead enforcement role.

Rethinking Climate Skepticism on Social Media

The summer of 2023 brought record-breaking heatwaves across the globe. However, skepticism around climate change has simultaneously gained traction on social media. Are climate skeptics truly flooding online platforms, or is this perception overblown? Let’s examine the evidence.

The Rising Tide of Harassment

Climate scientists find themselves in the crosshairs of coordinated attacks. Dr. Valérie Masson-Delmotte, an ex-IPCC chair, has faced heightened abuse over her decades-long career.

In the past year alone, the share of harassing messages intended to discredit her work has spiked. She now preemptively blocks accounts engaging in this behavior, though it pains her commitment to open discourse.

Her colleagues face similar vitriol. Prominent climatologist Dr. Christophe Cassou temporarily deleted his Twitter account due to unrelenting harassment. A sweeping study analyzing thousands of environmentalist Twitter accounts uncovered a concerning trend – over half had gone inactive, likely due to an emerging wave of climate deniers.

The Expanding Reach of Disinformation

Per the CNRS, the skeptical community wields rapidly growing influence, now accounting for nearly one-third of all climate-related Twitter accounts. While once fringe, these increasingly hostile voices have secured immense reach. Their messaging permeates online ecosystems, seeding doubt and discord.

Though disheartening, scientists remain resolute. They will continue disseminating rigorous, evidence-based insights, empowering citizens with facts amidst this “post-truth” era of mis- and disinformation. The road ahead may be long, but knowledge shall prevail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggered the surge in online climate skepticism?

Multiple forces likely contributed, from partisan polarization to disinformation campaigns. But the exact causes remain unclear.

How can the public identify misinformation sources?

Check authors’ credentials thoroughly. Seek out respected scientific institutions for reliable data. And remember – no single study or fringe expert outweighs an overwhelming scientific consensus.

What communication strategies might improve public discourse?

Emphasizing shared values, not just facts, can make messaging more relatable. Social media platforms must also improve moderation policies. Overall, open and compassionate dialogue on all sides will be critical.

Key Takeaways

  • Climate scientists face increasing harassment and skepticism online. Over half of environmentalist accounts have been driven offline.
  • Organized climate denial accounts now represent up to one-third of climate-related tweets, expanding their reach.
  • Though disheartening, experts remain committed to evidence-based public communications now more than ever.

While climate misinformation spreads rapidly online, hope remains for rational, solutions-oriented discourse. With care and courage, we can build common ground. But it will require perseverance in trying times.

The sea birds that fly over the capital… seagulls, gulls, and cormorants:

If some of these species settled in Paris during winter have gone up the rivers to find a little more warmth, other gulls are returning from a long journey started in the Scandinavian countries.

From July to mid-March, Paris counts up to 5000 gulls according to the LPO, mainly black-headed gulls and nearly a hundred pairs of gulls. Coming from the North Sea and Brittany, herring gulls take advantage of the warmth of the roofs in the city, similar to those created by the cliffs of their original maritime location. If they usually feed at sea, they can find plenty of food in the city to get under their beaks without difficulty.

After a warmer winter in the capital, these colonies return to their birthplace, a territory more conducive to reproduction and with food more abundant in insects. Some species, such as the Great Black-backed Gull, Herring Gull, and Black-headed Gull, can, however, spend the whole year in Paris.

Where are gulls found in Paris?

During the day, these seabirds are usually found on the barges of the Seine and the canals, as well as the lakes of the two woods of the City of Paris. That said, a ringed gull is regularly spotted in the Jardin des Tuileries!

At nightfall, these birds land in “winter dormitories,” sheltered from predators such as foxes, weasels, cats, and dogs. On Le Point du Jour, near the Garigliano bridge, or along the Seine towards Ivry, they gather at night, in shoals, on moored barges: they can be up to 2000! These seabirds also enjoy the nights at the Boulevard Victor et Javel (15th) as well as the Garigliano bridge on the high barges. In the 13th arrondissement, about a hundred of them spend the night on the side of the Pont d’Austerlitz, opposite the Jardin des Grands-Moulins.

How do you recognize a black-headed gull from a herring gull?

These two species belong to the same family, that of the Laridae, coastal birds that also live inland. Their French name “mouettel” comes from the old French word “miau” which means meow, which probably evokes its cry. The French name “goéland” comes from the Breton “gwell” or “gwellan” meaning “weeping bird,” again a reference to the cry. Herring gulls can be recognized by their large white heads, large, powerful, yellow and red-spotted beaks, flesh-pink legs, and yellow irises.

What do cormorants do in Paris?

They are the great cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) found in the capital in autumn and winter. Often perched on trees, they have an ideal observation point on the Seine and the canals. Raise your head to find them on top of trees such as poplars. Swan Island, in the 15th century, is home to great cormorants, of which there are nearly a hundred or so who spend the winter in Paris. Very rare during the summer season, these fish eaters go to their nesting sites outside the capital to breed.

Paris is changing, the 2019 trends

In this article, you will discover more about the development of the city of Paris. As you know, the city is in full mutation and is constantly changing. This is even more true given the events that are coming soon to the city of love. Today, I am pleased to give you some information on this subject.

Green roofs, a revolution in progress

Paris is going green and continues to do so. After having already spent two incredible seasons around this development of green roofs in Paris, the work continues and intensifies.

In order not to be too small, the target was 100 hectares by 2020. I recognize this as a form of madness that I appreciate in having great ambition for this city, this country.

Like all large cities, buildings occupy a lot of space, and for Paris, it has been calculated that roof surfaces represent about 32%, which is vast. The simple idea was, therefore, to promote the greening of roofs and to raise awareness of the surfaces available for small vegetable gardens or to put greenery on them.

The largest food hall in Europe

Paris will soon have the largest Food Hall in Europe. It is in the Montparnasse district that this project will come to life. It will be inside a magnificent new complex that is slowly emerging from the ground.

In a complex of several tens of thousands of square meters, it will be possible to find thematic spaces. Indeed, the project revolves around “experiences” and will thus propose places of a pleasant life. It is how it will be possible to experience moments of after work, help to learn how to do crafts, but also coworking spaces, etc….

This large building will also be surrounded by accommodation and hotels, because it is also part of sustainable development and the welcoming of tourists for the Olympic Games, for example.

The street paradise and its objective of zero waste

For the moment, it has been a few months since the project began, and it is not yet time to conclude. It is only exciting to continue to talk about it and to make this magnificent project known, which may soon gain more weight. That’s right… and if this approach were to be extended to the neighborhood, the borough, etc.

Paris is undergoing a significant transformation

I often say that Paris is changing before our eyes right now, and I hope that these little trends allow you to see them. The period is exciting and will enable us to have some significant initiatives underway. The objective of the Olympic Games gives a lot of dynamism to the city, and this gives a new character to this dynamic city.

As you will have understood, the city is undergoing a significant transformation, and I look forward to seeing this as the months go by.

Paris: 4 new Italian Restaurants to enjoy pizzas and pasta

Piero TT, Malro, Uno,… To eat Italian-style in the heart of Paris, here are the brand new restaurants to be tested urgently.

Piero TT

Here works Pierre Gagnaire! The chef has set up his new restaurant in the place of the old Gaya, now located a few streets away. On two levels, this cozy address offers the classics of Italian gastronomy, revisited in the sauce of the French chef and executed in the kitchen by Ivan Ferrara. Excellent service, expert advice from the sommelier, a flawless service. Don’t miss the seasonal risotto, the good burrata of course and the baba for dessert.


If you are not careful when placing your order at Malro, you could end up with the most blinged pizza in Paris. Yes, the Marin’oro IGP with tomato is domed in gold. This new table, inspired by the Mediterranean – by Denny Imbroisi (former Top Chef) and Michael Memmi – offers a menu as long as Ariana Grande’s ponytail. We especially remember the crazy pizzas (including the one with truffle!) and the delicious pasta (caccio & pepe). They serve Italian specialties with cocktails like the spritz revisited with peach liqueur. The starters are also worth a visit, especially the white tarama with ginger and lemongrass. If you are still hungry for dessert, the chocolate pie is a wise choice. The only downsides are the large space and the noise.


Why Uno? Because this Italian restaurant is in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, between Les Halles and the Louvre. This address was created by the association between the owners of Tripletta and David Soussan (Cucuzza and Le Mercier). We come here for its well-rolled pizzas, of course, and its fresh pasta to go (the almond pesto ones!). We water it all with natural wine and finish this feast with an inverted tiramisu. You will not be disappointed! And the prices are very affordable for the neighborhood (pizza from 9 € and pasta from 12 €).


Pasta, pizza, foccacia… If you want to eat good things whose name ends with an a, you’ve come to the right place! This Italian hot spot finally arrives in Paris, in the Marais, after endless work. A terrace for sunny days and a three-story space with seven dining areas, 420 seats, a grocery store with carefully selected Italian products. It is how Eataly quickly became the headquarters of lovers of Italian gastronomy.

Ile-de-France: The first coffee shops for cannabis CBD open their doors

Many shops selling cannabidiol have been opening in France in recent months.

CBD can be purchased in various forms: in crystals, syrup, oil, vaporizing liquid and grass.

The supposed use to relieve pain and anxiety is debatable.
Turn the buzz around. After Besançon or Annœullin near Lille, the first shops where you can buy weed or cannabis made CBD, are now flourishing in the Paris region. Customers are attracted by the jars lined up underneath store windows and the smell of herbs.

A few days apart, these shops were opened in Puteaux in the Hauts-de-Seine and the 11th arrondissement of Paris, rue Amelot, on Thursday. Their name: E-Klop and Cofyshop. The man behind the window of this last shop is well known to Parisian polemics. A few months ago, Joaquim Lousquy set up Xdolls, the first French sex doll rental establishment. From silicone to a firecracker, it’s only a step away. He comes back for 20 minutes on his new business.

“It seemed obvious to me to open this in Paris.”

cbd oils for sale“As for Xdolls, I came across a press article talking about CBD this time, and once again I found the product interesting, and I launched myself because it seemed obvious to me to open this in Paris,” he explains proudly, with the “Super Skunk” grass in his hand. But what are we talking about? CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule derived from cannabis. This substance extracted from hemp – which does not have the psychoactive effects of THC – can be purchased in France in various forms: in crystals, syrup, oil, vaporizing liquid, resin, pollen, balm, sweets or even as an infusion. If you want to know more about portable weed vaporizers visit www.cannavapos.fr/vaporisateurs-portables/

Stuck in a vague legal framework, CBD is not illegal in France! Nor is THC based cannabis legal. One thing is sure, in November, the Ministry of Health announced that its presence in consumer products was authorized. This was as long as the THC level did not exceed 0.2%. So, merchants are surfing on the trend and are now well established. Joaquim Lousquy welcomes this but reminds us that he is not a doctor. Or a dealer.

“We sell this like we would sell a table or a chair.”

“It is neither a medicine nor a relaxant. We’re not doctors. I advise against smoking for everyone. We sell it as a product of the common good, as we would sell a table or a chair,” he explains. On grass jars from Switzerland, a label even says “no smoking.” “Afterwards, everyone does what they want,” he smiles. The same goes for Puteaux. “I don’t sell products at CBD to make them smoke like firecrackers, but for people who want to find the taste differently,” explains Stéphane Bélaiche, 46, founder and manager of E-Klop.

He opened his shop five years ago but recently started in CBD. “I was already selling liquid CBD in my shop, but I naturally started using this famous light cannabis a few days ago,” he adds, adding, on the other hand, that it has therapeutic properties. But this supposed use to relieve pain and anxiety, in particular, is nevertheless debatable.

CBD: a first step towards cannabis legalisation in France?

The General Directorate of Health in france stresses that “no therapeutic virtue can be claimed, in particular by manufacturers, sellers of products containing CBD.” And some advertisements perpetuate “confusion between cannabis and CBD and thus promote cannabis,” a practice that may “constitute the criminal offense of provocation to the use of drugs.” Contacted by French news 20 Minutes, Dan Velea, addictologist psychiatrist in the 6th arrondissement, confirms the “problem.”

cbd and weed vaporizers

“There are not enough studies, and we don’t have enough perspective on the substance, but there is a risk that users will return to cannabis containing THC and especially that CBD will be a gateway to the product for new users. It doesn’t matter to weed light sellers.

“It’s going to be a hit,” says Stéphane Bélaiche, who sells his gram for between 20 and 25 euros to an audience of “executives and liberal professions.” Joaquim Lousquy, who emphasizes four different herbs, has already planned to open new boutiques in the 15th, 17th, Essonne and Val-de-Marne regions. No worries? ” If the police can come and seize the stock because there is no way to distinguish the “real” weed from the “fake.” But they’ll return it after analysis. That’s the game.

Seven must-see record shops in Paris

Over and over again, vinyl records transcends the knowledgeable music lovers, and their quest is taken more seriously than ever.

The Parisian diggers are lucky because they can count on many old record shops to satisfy their passion for music, and even on unique events dedicated to them, such as the Disquaire Day.
Focus on 7 record stores among our favorites in Paris.

The classic: Crocodisc

By its longevity (forty years) and its opulence which overflows the shelves and bins of the three shops Rock, Jazz and Black Music reigning in the Latin District, at Crocodisc, abundance meets the exception, and the impressive expertise of the salesmen will help you to find the rare record.

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-7pm
40 and 42, rue des Ecoles, 5e.
64, rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève, 5e.

The coziest: Balades Sonores

A lovely shop, decorated by Chicamancha, is full of new products and rare pearls despite its modest size. The wise advice and its adorable team will make you a satisfied digger. And to avoid ruining anything, this record store welcomes showcase bands every week in an amicable atmosphere.

Sound Walks
Monday – Saturday: 12pm-8pm
1-3 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

Underground: Born Bad Records

In the kingdom of rock’n’ roll, all styles are at the court: from punk to garage, to new wave and other psychedelic and saturated joys. Enough to delight lovers of classics and forgotten nuggets, as well as the curious who will appreciate the section of the famous eponymous label and the promotion of great French bands.

Born Bad Records
Monday – Saturday: 12pm-7.30pm
11 Rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris

The favorite: Pop Culture

The beautiful shop, which bears its name, and the excellence of the selection (indie rock, pop, but there are also soundtracks, hip-hop, and world music) catch up with the narrowness of the bins. Let Fred guide you, the passionate record dealer with silvery hair, in this well-equiped store with new products as it is with rare ones.

Pop Culture
Monday 2pm-7.30pm – Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-7.30pm
23 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris

The generous: Souffle Continu

The abundance of records and the profusion of references plunges you into a most delightful music lover’s apnea. Electro, jazz, experimental, rock, cold wave and black metal, and the bosses have the knack to propose re-releases of unknown treasures but also new ones. The digger’s paradise! The most? The regular showcases!

Souffle Continu
Monday – Saturday: 12pm-8pm
22 Rue Gerbier, 75011 Paris

The versatile: La Silence de la Rue

A large stock, well stocked in all genres (nice funk, soul and hip-hop section), honest prices and the possibility to listen to your finds on the spot. And once you have tamed the boss of the place, you may benefit from his precious advice.

La Silence de la Rue
Monday – Saturday: 11am-7.30pm
39 rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris

Extreme: Music Fear Satan

With a name like that (which refers to the post-rock band Mogwai) we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Here the devil’s music has found its kingdom and the latter feeds the pagans with unholy records with exotic covers. Rock and metal in ALL its forms, lots of new releases and very chic French bands like Jessica 93.

Music Fear Satan
Monday – Saturday: 11am-8pm
4 Bis Rue Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

Foreign student in France, the guide to find a job!

As an international student, you can fully finance part of your studies and stay by working. The arrangements differ depending on whether you are a national of the European Union, the European Economic Area or another country.

From the legal point of view

You have decided to continue your studies in France, and you are looking for a job in France? Different possibilities are available to you depending on your country of origin and the documents in your possession.

If you are a citizen of the European Union (or Switzerland), you can study in France without having to present a residence permit. You can also freely work as a student in France.

If you have a long-stay student visa or a temporary residence card marked “student,” the law authorizes you to engage in a professional activity provided that it does not occupy more than 60% of your time or 964 hours maximum per year.

It is up to the employer to carry out the hiring procedures. A declaration must be sent to the prefecture at least two working days before taking up the post. It should include information such as:

  • the company name
  • information about you and the employer
  • a copy of your residence permit or your VLS-TS
  • the nature of the job you will be doing
  • the duration of your contract
  • the number of annual working hours
  • the effective date of the contract

This document may be sent by e-mail, registered mail or fax for some prefectures. Please note that the formalities will be carried out either at the prefecture of your residence if you have a long-stay visa; or at the prefecture that issued the card if you have a residence permit.

multipotIf you want to work more than 964 hours per year, you will need to apply for a temporary work permit. This exception is granted in the context of studies whose curriculum is at least equivalent to a master’s degree. Some courses that include a sequence of salaried work also allow you to occupy a student job abroad for more than 60% of your time. This is the case of the doctoral student who holds a post to preparing his thesis, of the student who is taking a sandwich course or of the beneficiary of a research grant.

Finally, if you are in possession of a temporary long-stay visa, you will need a temporary work permit to do a student job. The number of working hours is limited to a maximum of 482 hours for a study period of 6 months. Your application must be submitted to the territorial unit of the “Direccte” (Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi) of your domicile. It is necessary to complete your file with your visa or residence permit as well as a promise of employment or a work contract.

Students receive a gross salary based on the minimum wage. Certain sectors such as investment banks and consulting firms offer better remuneration, particularly for students in their final year of “specialization” who commit themselves for a period of 6 months to a year. High-tech companies also offer good opportunities for those who get a job there.

In large student cities like Paris, Reims or Lille, the average salary can vary between 350 and 900 € depending on the activity. It should be noted that babysitting is more expensive in Paris and that working in fashion or modeling allows you to earn more, especially during specific events like fashion week.

Part-time work

Student small job part-time contract is often more suitable for an international student in France. Indeed, this is a post intended to be occupied for a period of less than the legal duration authorized per week, which is 35 hours. It has the advantage of being more flexible for students, even though the positions available are often available in the evenings or on weekends.

Hotels, restaurants, and sales are among the sectors that recruit the most. Other student jobs such as babysitting, translation or language teaching are more easily accessible to foreigners.
To put all the chances on your side, do not hesitate to value your knowledge of several languages, your experience in other countries and your field of specialization.

Hope this will help you!

Best Exhibitions in Paris – October 2017

Autumn sets in comfortably, and with it its share of cultural victuals.

GAUGUIN The Alchemist

The Grand Palais exhibition presents Gauguin, a nineteenth-century artist, and pioneer of modern art, in several facets: paintings, ceramics, sculptures and wooden objects, engraved wood, prints, and drawings.

The chronological course of the exhibition retraces the artist’s creative process, from his beginnings in Brittany made of wild landscapes to his more philosophical inspirations, nourished by his various travels…

October 11, 2017, to January 22, 2018
Grand Palais
3 Avenue du Général-Eisenhower, 8th Avenue
Every day (except Mar) 10am – 8pm; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: until 10pm
Prices: admission 14€, reduced price 10€.


gsgshsdjhftfttrdeOrganised in partnership with the London Tate, Picasso 1932 is an exhibition which, as its name suggests, traces the year 1932 (from 1 January to 31 December as it should be) in that it could have had a more productive year for Picasso.

We can discover the inspirations and research of the artist that have given birth to his greatest successes. The bathers, the portraits of Marie-Thérèse Walter, the artist’s exhibitions at the Georges Petit Gallery… Any date of this crucial year.

It is, therefore, a year of the master’s life that one discovers through the historical journey that presents works – including Le Rêve, emblematic of his aesthetic – but also archives.

October 10,2017 to February 11,2018
Open from 10:30am to 6pm (closed Mondays)
Picasso National Museum
5, rue de Thorigny, 3e

Bourdelle and the Ancient

The exhibition Bourdelle and the antique, a modern passion, thinks of itself as an invitation to take a step back. A reading of the present in the light of the past, because in the history of forms and ideas, there is no “progress” that does not come from a “step back,” no aesthetic revolution that does not pass through the rebirth of a buried past.

Starting from this premise, the Bourdelle Museum invites us to discover the work of sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, who drew inspiration from Ancient Rome for the works that marked his maturity at the beginning of the 20th century.

Alongside the works of Picasso, Modigliani and Zadkine, the sculptor’s work is now being rethought through this exhibition, which explores the fascination of artists of the last century with the ancient world.

October 4, 2017 to February 4, 2018
Museum Bourdelle
16/18 Antoine Bourdelle Street, 15th Floor
Open every day except Monday, 10 am – 6 pm

Burmese Images

fksgnsojgnpsgnpsngrrtrrrrDiscover Burma, its colonial history and multiple faces in a photo exhibition at the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet.

This fall, Burma is the focus of the exhibition Burmese Images, Photographic Treasures of the MNAAG.
This tour highlights the Burmese collection acquired by the museum between 1989 and 2015 and enriched by recent donations – in particular, exceptional images of Burma dating from the second half of the 19th century.

Burma, its colonial history, and its many faces are all visible in this exhibition, where scenes of daily life and exploratory journeys of a civilization that oscillates between permanence and change intersect.

October 18, 2017, to January 22, 2018
Every day (except Tuesday, January 1st, May 1st, December 25th) 10am-6pm
Musée des Arts asiatiques Guimet – Paris
6 place d’ Jena, 16th

These are just some of the best Paris art shows you’ll find in October in the city of love !

A fake AdBlock extension for Google traps thousands of Internet users

Hackers have trapped Google by copying one of the most downloaded browser extensions.

If you have recently downloaded an ad blocker to your Google browser, you may need to remove it. A fake extension almost perfectly resembling the famous AdBlock Plus has infested nearly 37,000 users’ computers.

A SwiftOnSecurity security researcher discovered this fake program resembling AdBlock Plus, the famous ad blocker. It has been published on Google’s Chrome Web Store, which allows you to add extensions to your browser. The resemblance between the two “AdBlock” was striking.

An avalanche of tabs and ads

Alerted, Google then removed this extension, but nearly 37,000 users had already downloaded this “malware.” Once installed, Internet users were surprised to discover an avalanche of tabs and advertisements when they opened their browsers.

adblock plus

How was such piracy possible? According to the specialized site Bellping Computer, it seems that a homographic attack has trapped the giant of the Web. The name of the software mixed Latin and Cyrillic characters in such a way that it looked like two drops of water to the word “AdBlock Plus.” In reality, it was “Adblock plus.”

Terraces you need to know in Paris

The ritual is the same every year. From the first rays of sunshine, black sunglasses on the road, creamy and ready to sip rosé and summer cocktails, you will not resist the appeal of the summer terrace.

Before going head down, I have compiled unavoidable and new spots where to stop in the French Capital city.

The Roof of the Moulin Rouge Machine

The Machine adds a new string to its bow with its rooftop-garden

This summer, the Machine du Moulin Rouge is adding a floor to its arc: we already knew the boiler room in the basement, the central unit on the ground floor and the terrace of the bubble bar, which plays the extensions until dawn in July and August. From now on, we can also drink glasses on the roof of the Moulin Rouge, right under the blades of the legendary Parisian cabaret, until sunset!

It may take an early arrival to find a place, knowing that the initiative will only last for the summer period.

During the summer and spring period, the Machine will deploy an eclectic programming on its four floors, between hip-hop, disco, techno, Balearic or Afro house. Launched on July 1st with the evening Problèmes d’ amour, with the Italian DJ Alexander Robotnick, author of the hit of the same name in the 80s.

90, boulevard de Clichy, M° Blanche. Wednesday to Sunday, noon to midnight (22:00 on Sundays). Tapas (between 4€ and 9€), 7 € the Spritz at 14 € the Mojito (with champagne).

New Ground Control opens its doors.

Ground Control

Ground Control is packing its bags for the summer season in a former SNCF mail sorting center, hidden behind the Lyon train station. This version revisits on 1 500m2 the atmosphere of the two previous editions then established rue Ordener: chic guinguette spirit, big tables, deckchairs, refreshments, street-food and urban vegetable garden are part of the game.

The restaurants are located in a pretty cool area and offer a wide variety of dishes such as smoked trout, veggie burgers, Breton cakes, sandwiches at the porchetta or British pastries.

At the bottom left of the site, don’t miss the Argentinean barbecue of the Asado team which will delight the salty beaks with its grilled meat, roasted vegetables and choripánes, sausage sandwiches, chimichurri sauce, made with black bread with vegetal charcoal. The first weekend of the launch will take place from Thursday 18 May to Sunday 21 May. The season is officially open!

Ground Control, 81 rue du Charolais, 12th floor. RER Gare de Lyon. Open Tuesday to Saturday / 11am – Midnight & Sunday / 11am – 10:30pm.

Palazzo, the summer terrace at the Palais de la Porte Dorée

From June 15 to October 15, the summer terrace Palazzo is installed on the forecourt of the Palais de la Porte Dorée.

Palazzo is a new festive summer event. Located in front of one of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings in Europe, near Daumesnil Lake in the 12th arrondissement, this ephemeral terrace will offer many activities every day to enjoy summer in Paris with family or friends.

The program includes nooks and crannies to indulge in the delights of idleness, a caravan scene, spaces to play (regardless of your age), free dances and DJ sets, a bar in Spritz, playful workshops, a petanque court, or an open-air bookstore.

From June 15 to October 15, Palazzo at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, 293 avenue Daumesnil, 12th. Golden Door No. See you Thursday, June 15th from 6 pm to midnight for the launch of Palazzo.


A perfect vegetal ambiance to sipping delicious cocktails creation

The new business of Thomas Delafon and Jean-Pierre Lopes opened (in September) in an unusual setting, a kind of sizeable Asian salon with a contemporary décor and vintage touches, serving every day an excellent Thai cuisine (well executed Thai pad, well-rolled nems).

This summer, we will be squatting in the terrace’s bistro tables, some sixty in all, and drinking – before or after dinner – at the outdoor cocktail bar.

A wooden kiosk surrounded by greenery, where you can order one of the eight creation cocktails. In favorites, a remix of the Piña Colada spiced with curry, the most refreshing, the Thai Basil, with vodka, lime, and basil, all to sip in a relaxed atmosphere, Acapulco seats, and benches to make you disconnect.

23, rue des Jeuneurs, 2nd floor. Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 14:30, from 19:00 to 23:30. Average ticket: 25 €. Cocktails from 11 €. Phone: 01 40 28 98 30. Terrace in the shade.

Renoir Café

Artistic strolls in the gardens during lunchtime

Located in the Montmartre Museum, Café Renoir is no longer accessible only to visitors of temporary or permanent exhibits since this summer. Access to it is enough to pay an entrance fee to the beautiful Gardens of the places (to be preferred in subscription mode) that inspired Auguste Renoir for his Bal du Moulin de la Galette.

There, outdoors or under the glass roof, you can enjoy a snack or lunch on the go or just a drink, all the products being provided by good Parisian houses, except the summertime mint and lemon iced tea home-made. We also supervise the gardening workshops, as well as the Thursday evenings to drink a glass of wine as in the garden of a country house (15 €). PA

12 Cortot Street, 18th. From 12h to 18h, nocturnal from 19h to 22h. Breakfast formula: 16 €. Iced tea: 4 €. Entrance to the Garden: 4 € or annual subscription: 10 €. M° Lamack-Caulaincourt

Renoir Café

Artistic strolls in the gardens during lunchtime

Located in the Montmartre Museum, Café Renoir is no longer accessible only to visitors of temporary or permanent exhibits since this summer. Access to it is enough to pay an entrance fee to the beautiful Gardens of the places that inspired Auguste Renoir for his Bal du Moulin de la Galette.

There, outdoors or under the glass roof, you can enjoy a snack or lunch on the go or just a drink, all the products being provided by good Parisian houses, except the summertime mint and lemon iced tea home-made. We also supervise the gardening workshops, as well as the Thursday evenings to drink a glass of wine as in the garden of a country house (15 €). PA

12 Cortot Street, 18th. From 12h to 18h, nocturnal from 19h to 22h. Breakfast formula: 16 €. Iced tea: 4 €. Entrance to the Garden: 4 € or annual subscription: 10 €. M° Lamack-Caulaincourt

Paname Brewing Company

One of the most beautiful terraces there is in Paris

With the installation of Paname Brewing Company on the quays of the Loire, the Ourcq Canal holds one of the prettiest terraces in Paris, directly on the water with ball lanterns and a panoramic view of the canal.

In addition to the beers brewed in the large vats inside a large pub shed, the house serves a series of small dishes that will do good to the stomach (quesadillas, burgers, pizzas, kebab, ribs, bo bun, beef curry). The relaxed service – Australian girls in caps and students from all over the world – is a perfect match for the local atmosphere. As the first rays of sunshine are crowded, the alternative is on the first floor in the perched room with a canal view.

41 bis, Quai de la Loire, 19th century. M° Riquet. Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 am. Average ticket: 25 €. Tel. 01 40 36 43 55. Sunny terrace until sunset.

Les Nautes

The perfect place for a sunny front before leaving in the Parisian night.

A year ago, the Nautes Facebook page posted a viral photo of the team drinking on the terrace with water down to the hips.

Fortunately, this year, Parisian floods have given way to heat waves, and the bar/club will be able to profit serenely from the closing of the quays to cars and the crowds of Paris Plages, with its unique location at 10 meters from the Seine. At the bar, tight mojitos, and inside, DJ’s not very well known animate the turntables almost every evening, in an atmosphere that can quickly become decadent.

One, Celestine Quay, 4th. Wednesday to Friday 5 pm – 2 am, Saturday from 2 pm to 2 am, Sunday from 2 pm to midnight. Sully Morland. Cocktail: 8-12€. Board: 20€ Tapas: 5€.


Hope you like my selection!


A Country With Stunning Beauty

Are you another die-hard fan of France? Is France your favorite country? You would already know a lot of things about France and it is one of the best countries in the world. The beauty of France is nothing but stunning. Eiffel tower, cheese, wine and beyond are famous in France and of course, what more could you search for?

It’s not only rich in food and nature but it also has a wonderful history which would make your jaws drop in awe. Most of the tourists get attracted to France due to the breathtaking coastlines and valleys. It would become a crime if we don’t admire the good nature of French people. French people are the kindest people in the world and they would admire the beauty of nature. If you want to make your life beautiful you should plan a picnic to the countryside of France.

If you don’t enjoy the countryside of France there is no use of living at least once in your lifetime you should enjoy the beauty of France. If you consider the culture, castles, ruins, and architecture of France each and everything would have a beautiful history behind it. If you want to travel to France you would have to bear a huge cost yet it’s worth it. To limit your costs we will jot down a few points which might be a great help. Let us read the article for further learning.

What Are The Typical Costs?

Actually, flying to France is a great opportunity which everyone would crave for yet without money nothing could be achieved. But if you want to minimize the costs or if you want to plan the budget you should check out these points. Here we go;

  • Accommodation Costs- the simple dorm rooms will cost around 15-40 EUR for a night and the charges will vary according to the place where you live. If you want to accommodate in Paris then the costs could be higher. The private hotels would cost more than 75 EUR and the budget hotels would be 60 EUR. The budget hotels would have air-conditions and free Wi-Fi as well. If you want cheaper accommodation you should check out of Paris, French Riviera and Bordeaux. So likewise, the costs will vary according to the place.
  • Food Costs- if you want to taste country’s cuisine you should be great that it is less expensive. Actually, food is not expensive in France you will be able to obtain bread, meat, cheese etc. at the cheaper rate as it is the regular food of French people. If you want to eat at a restaurant you should spend around 20-35 EUR. That is all about food costs.

  • Transportation Costs- though trains could be expensive it is better if you travel by train. High-speed trains would cost higher than the regular ones. If you book already then it’s a chance to obtain a saving so you should bear this factor in mind.

So, you do not assume that visiting France as just a dream you can achieve it if you budget the expenses.