Ile-de-France: The first coffee shops for cannabis CBD open their doors

Many shops selling cannabidiol have been opening in France in recent months.

CBD can be purchased in various forms: in crystals, syrup, oil, vaporizing liquid and grass.

The supposed use to relieve pain and anxiety is debatable.
Turn the buzz around. After Besançon or Annœullin near Lille, the first shops where you can buy weed or cannabis made CBD, are now flourishing in the Paris region. Customers are attracted by the jars lined up underneath store windows and the smell of herbs.

A few days apart, these shops were opened in Puteaux in the Hauts-de-Seine and the 11th arrondissement of Paris, rue Amelot, on Thursday. Their name: E-Klop and Cofyshop. The man behind the window of this last shop is well known to Parisian polemics. A few months ago, Joaquim Lousquy set up Xdolls, the first French sex doll rental establishment. From silicone to a firecracker, it’s only a step away. He comes back for 20 minutes on his new business.

“It seemed obvious to me to open this in Paris.”

cbd oils for sale“As for Xdolls, I came across a press article talking about CBD this time, and once again I found the product interesting, and I launched myself because it seemed obvious to me to open this in Paris,” he explains proudly, with the “Super Skunk” grass in his hand. But what are we talking about? CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule derived from cannabis. This substance extracted from hemp – which does not have the psychoactive effects of THC – can be purchased in France in various forms: in crystals, syrup, oil, vaporizing liquid, resin, pollen, balm, sweets or even as an infusion. If you want to know more about portable weed vaporizers visit

Stuck in a vague legal framework, CBD is not illegal in France! Nor is THC based cannabis legal. One thing is sure, in November, the Ministry of Health announced that its presence in consumer products was authorized. This was as long as the THC level did not exceed 0.2%. So, merchants are surfing on the trend and are now well established. Joaquim Lousquy welcomes this but reminds us that he is not a doctor. Or a dealer.

“We sell this like we would sell a table or a chair.”

“It is neither a medicine nor a relaxant. We’re not doctors. I advise against smoking for everyone. We sell it as a product of the common good, as we would sell a table or a chair,” he explains. On grass jars from Switzerland, a label even says “no smoking.” “Afterwards, everyone does what they want,” he smiles. The same goes for Puteaux. “I don’t sell products at CBD to make them smoke like firecrackers, but for people who want to find the taste differently,” explains Stéphane Bélaiche, 46, founder and manager of E-Klop.

He opened his shop five years ago but recently started in CBD. “I was already selling liquid CBD in my shop, but I naturally started using this famous light cannabis a few days ago,” he adds, adding, on the other hand, that it has therapeutic properties. But this supposed use to relieve pain and anxiety, in particular, is nevertheless debatable.

CBD: a first step towards cannabis legalisation in France?

The General Directorate of Health in france stresses that “no therapeutic virtue can be claimed, in particular by manufacturers, sellers of products containing CBD.” And some advertisements perpetuate “confusion between cannabis and CBD and thus promote cannabis,” a practice that may “constitute the criminal offense of provocation to the use of drugs.” Contacted by French news 20 Minutes, Dan Velea, addictologist psychiatrist in the 6th arrondissement, confirms the “problem.”

cbd and weed vaporizers

“There are not enough studies, and we don’t have enough perspective on the substance, but there is a risk that users will return to cannabis containing THC and especially that CBD will be a gateway to the product for new users. It doesn’t matter to weed light sellers.

“It’s going to be a hit,” says Stéphane Bélaiche, who sells his gram for between 20 and 25 euros to an audience of “executives and liberal professions.” Joaquim Lousquy, who emphasizes four different herbs, has already planned to open new boutiques in the 15th, 17th, Essonne and Val-de-Marne regions. No worries? ” If the police can come and seize the stock because there is no way to distinguish the “real” weed from the “fake.” But they’ll return it after analysis. That’s the game.