Paris is changing, the 2019 trends

In this article, you will discover more about the development of the city of Paris. As you know, the city is in full mutation and is constantly changing. This is even more true given the events that are coming soon to the city of love. Today, I am pleased to give you some information on this subject.

Green roofs, a revolution in progress

Paris is going green and continues to do so. After having already spent two incredible seasons around this development of green roofs in Paris, the work continues and intensifies.

In order not to be too small, the target was 100 hectares by 2020. I recognize this as a form of madness that I appreciate in having great ambition for this city, this country.

Like all large cities, buildings occupy a lot of space, and for Paris, it has been calculated that roof surfaces represent about 32%, which is vast. The simple idea was, therefore, to promote the greening of roofs and to raise awareness of the surfaces available for small vegetable gardens or to put greenery on them.

The largest food hall in Europe

Paris will soon have the largest Food Hall in Europe. It is in the Montparnasse district that this project will come to life. It will be inside a magnificent new complex that is slowly emerging from the ground.

In a complex of several tens of thousands of square meters, it will be possible to find thematic spaces. Indeed, the project revolves around “experiences” and will thus propose places of a pleasant life. It is how it will be possible to experience moments of after work, help to learn how to do crafts, but also coworking spaces, etc….

This large building will also be surrounded by accommodation and hotels, because it is also part of sustainable development and the welcoming of tourists for the Olympic Games, for example.

The street paradise and its objective of zero waste

For the moment, it has been a few months since the project began, and it is not yet time to conclude. It is only exciting to continue to talk about it and to make this magnificent project known, which may soon gain more weight. That’s right… and if this approach were to be extended to the neighborhood, the borough, etc.

Paris is undergoing a significant transformation

I often say that Paris is changing before our eyes right now, and I hope that these little trends allow you to see them. The period is exciting and will enable us to have some significant initiatives underway. The objective of the Olympic Games gives a lot of dynamism to the city, and this gives a new character to this dynamic city.

As you will have understood, the city is undergoing a significant transformation, and I look forward to seeing this as the months go by.